Expo Hall

Find Untapped Potential in Equity's Biggest Expo Hall

Sure, there’s swag (and who doesn’t love that!?). But a trip to equity’s biggest expo hall is a whole lot more than free stuff. This is the place where leading partners showcase the latest and greatest in equity comp solutions.
Whether you’re collaborating with a current vendor or discovering unexplored solutions, the expo hall is filled with opportunities to improve your day-to-day.

Check Back Soon!

We'll be adding sponsors and exhibitors here as they're confirmed. Stop back to see the roster of equity comp's key players joining us in San Francisco.

New Features

Are you taking full advantage of your current tools? Connect with your providers and learn how the latest updates can help you tackle challenges and drive efficiency.

New Products & Services

If you feel an RFP on the horizon, a stroll through the expo hall can jumpstart the process and improve your chances of finding the right partner.

New People

The power of connecting with pros dedicated to making your job better is irreplaceable. Even if you aren’t actively shopping for new services or tools, the knowledge of the options and possibilities will be there when you’re ready.